Jammers in Scotland "GSJ11"

iS REALLY Amasing! hOw people can actually work together on Something without actually being told about it beForE and at the same time have fun. It has been a good experience attending at the event.

We have been looking around many,many different areas, sections, and ideas. With a very open theme really people can be more creative and productive. Initially working with Post-it-Notes! everyone could very easily get their thinking out in the board, kinda in a boat and then taking a small trip through the ocean we end up, at some different ports/small islands. 

Then taking forward a small and non important island into creating a more visual service. Taking the words and breathing/bringing them into life. Taking them by the hand and walk them through like you will be doing with your child. Always every idea is like a single seed in a huge field waiting for the right time to grown, but it needs the right amount of light, water and care as well. But also in that huge field there are many other seeds, thousands of them. So, there always going to be some of them that they will die in the process.

The space where we were/are working was really great, even though it was quite chilly. I really thing a designer and every person need quite a lot of space to work sometimes, but I know from my experience that really amazing things and outcomes can be achieved in a really, really tiny space.

At the end designing and creating is not the things that you have but the things that you actually produce. You might know a lot and most of the time have an idea in your head going all around but you have to actually seat down and test, and document them. 



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