Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bored- Projects

Have a lot to do, projects.... Έχω κουραστεί πραγματικά, και βαριέμαι να τα κάνω... Σήμερα πρέπει να τέλειωσω τις διαστάσεις για το προϊόν που σχεδιάζω και τα ματια μου κλήνουν απο την κούραση. I am really tired....

Τoday in the class we were discussing about branding and how different brands are thinking.. It was interesting and even if you know many things, sometimes a good revision is very important in order to remember what you did, and actually use it. I find my self many times not actually using what I am learning which is really stupid, because when you/I use them my projects are more structured.
I really need to get focused and do my work, before is to late and I get really stressed.


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