Friday, March 4, 2011

500 Worlds for Me as a Brand

Well, when I think my self as a brand and I want to do in the future I get really confused. I want to do many things in my life. I write and I want to achieve something as an author someday,and I really enjoy it. I also really love painting but I need the right environment to work and when I am not at that right environment I can't really focus and paint. Also I think to become a politician someday. I want to help many people and I was thinking also something, like service design, and I do like product design that's why I am studying on that.

My self as a brand is really color full as the one static thing does not express me, I like to do many changes, and I want to try many things in my life. As a character that what represent me as well, I even can get my self sometimes. I am still working on my brand.... Hopefully I will get it soon :)


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