"Life in a Day Documentary review"

 The movie that it was created by simple people real every day lives. It was worth watching it, a thrilling movie, the feeling that are created from the beginning until the ending of the movie are mixed and change as the movie is going on.
 Starting with the sun rising you get all that beautiful landscapes and colours, you feel quite calmed. On the next scenes/part you see how actually people face a new day and the most of them were very non willing to wake up and that's reality. Showing what they are doing every morning, you can see similarities in peoples lives. Furthermore is moving through the whole day showing activities, jobs, behaviours, interactions, the creation of life, the sicknesses,  and at the end the night time when they go to bed.
 There is a great mix of music, which it is really beautiful and the music is wonderful as well. I think that the greatest music in the film it was when those women were heating the rise and singing, it was just admirable to see those women at the end paining their hands but they were really happy, I don't know their language but their song was wonderful.
 Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald with the way that they had produce and direct the film, they wanted to show  the difference between the developed countries and the non developed ones. They have "composed" the film in a way that it show the inequality between different people. Money and knowledge makes us different, and its really  ironic that technology can be everywhere, people had manage to reach the outer space and there are people leaving under terrible survival circumstances. While is a little bit confusing as well, how someone had managed to record those people if they are not familiar with any means of such technology?
 All human beings feel pain the same way, in contrast of their differences, some can be cured but the soul will never be, others get all that pain out to people that they shouldn't.
Film snapshot
 Through the film another very sensitive area was "painted", children, the most unprotected, innocent, simple loving human beings. The little shoeblank, the young boy who his mother was sick, the young girls leaving in the boat and all the other children.
Film snapshot
 There were moments that I have turned my face away because of the depression a scene made me feel but there were moments were I was simply couldn't stop watching.  It is on-line so everyone who miss it can see it.
 This was a great film worth watching, and really we should be grateful for our lives, and more helpful to others. It was really great of those people sharing their lives with all the rest of the world, a great production, of taking little pieces of a puzzle and bringing them together to create a masterpiece.



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