"A few must have Accessories for Spring 2011"

D&G Fashion Show
For this spring fashion designers have different suggestions for colours, and styles, but they have been moving more and more in 50's and 60's trends. This spring long beautiful dresses are dancing in the first rows of the catwalk. The accessories which had catch my eye, where the, big circular earrings from D&G. Notice the details big, long, made from beautiful fabrics, and much lace finishing touches. Colours are more brighter this year and white is the most flirty colour, with a few flowery patterns living in them.
Knitted skinny scarf 
Among others, a must have this year is thin scarves of any colour and pattern as long as it fits with the rest of your look. Don't be afraid to try many kinds of fabrics even a little bit more extreme ones. Dare to play with your scarves, you can make your own if you want very easily, by taking different  thin stripes of fabrics or threads and create a pigtail using a single colour or more, a cool add on could be wooden beads.                      
                                     DoBonnie -E.I.


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