Friday, December 21, 2012

How to start a dream....

 Its quit simple to start a dream. You have to have a thought or an idea. When you find that idea, then you have to start linking words to that idea. For example my idea is : unite . Words that could accompany that are: together, peace, all, people. love, bond e.t.c.

 Connecting words to create your dream.

 Unite together all people,
 Unite together their love,
 Unite them under the peace,
 Unite them to make the bond.

 When we have a dream we need to follow it by avoiding all speeches and words standing in front of it. Many people will simply say you: can't, will not, never, are stupid, are helpless, won't, will fail.... and all those negative words you will have to hear.  In order to be able to follow your dreams and make your own choices you have to learn how to be strong headed and kinda selfish.  Not being selfish in a bad manner but meaning to focus a bit more on yourself on ourselves Until we find our way and purposes in life.

 Dreams comes true even with tiny moments, when we want to dance and sing despite all those surrounding us and the place where we are.


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