How to start a painting

Before you start a painting you need some materials: Paint, Brush and a canvas/paper or somewhere to paint.

I usually use oil colours and canvas/wood. The best oil colours for me are the Georgian  from Daler-Rowney.
You can buy a basic set that contains 10 colours in which the basics: blue, yellow and red. In my opinion other two basic colours that a painter must have is black and white. Black for darkening colours and white for warming them up.
Step 1: You need to find something to paint either from an image or from your thoughts. So you need to draw a rough drawing of the image you want to paint.

Step 2: You start by applying the darker areas on your working piece.

Step 3: Then you apply the darker colours by using the basic colours to create all the colours you require. For example if a part is orange you apply the red and then on top of it the yellow colour.

I will write and upload soon examples of my own work and steps on how you actually paint.



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