Life is not easy

Life is like a drop of rain in a window a windy day,
Life is like your shoes in the sand when the sea comes away,
life is like the petals of roses which from the wind fly away,
Life is like a smile which comes from a mouth and a chocolate.

Life is not easy you get away but you get dizzy,
Life is not easy you get so much pain but you keep it,
Life is not easy you can cry you can pain but there're no friend to sweep it,
Life is not easy and when you laugh someone else is dizzy.

Life is like a leaf in the wind it get ruined by the time that pass,
Life is like tree in a city is dying slowly losing is holding trust,
Life is like the stones in your shoes you pain but you feel sorry of what you lose,
Life is like a dress dancing in the wind empty or filled will always fly away.


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