Etsy Handmade Portraits

Etsy Handmade Portraits are people who usually work by themselves, so they are self employed and talk a little bit about their work and their personality. They are very inspirational videos and worth watching. For someone like me who likes to do crafts, painting and whatever I can with my own hands those videos really are saying 'yes you can do it'.

I really believe that is possible for everyone to do something simple when they have time or when they get bored, so instead of sitting and doing nothing you could try making your own notepads or gifts or something else. You can be many times amazed with the work of a single human being. They can produce so much work, just because they love what they are doing and by doing that they can live and be more happy so they can produce more.

Just sharing a video about Sophie Blackall. She an illustrator and I really love illustrators work. I love the way she creates the images and how she creates the characters connections.
Hope, people see what  see which is inspiration flowing from everywhere.



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